After dark

"Wait till everyone is asleep," she whispered to Toby. "We'll get our chance." Toby waited. Sakina exhaled slowly. It was well past 2AM when they tip-toed to the kitchen and opened the fridge for a large piece of cake. As she sunk her teeth in the dark, moist sweetness, she got blinded by the florescent … Continue reading After dark


Will – Part 2

...continued from Will - Part 1 Majorda, 29th September, 1979 “Why are we driving out of Panaji, Mr D’sa?” I asked him when I realized that we were crossing the bridge over the river. “I don’t want to be seen celebrating with you. Especially not tonight,” he looked at me, “and please, call me Albert.” … Continue reading Will – Part 2

The Day’s Dying Light

“So, this is it.” She said-sighed, weary, tired, sad but hoping that her flight delays. “I wanted to give you this before I go.” She said. Her eyes finally met with his. The day’s dying light enveloped his entire world. Her eyes whispered grey stories and exhibited evidences of her clouded tear-filled afternoon. “It is … Continue reading The Day’s Dying Light

The Man, The Dog And The Metaphor.

The Man was digging, while the Dog watched. "Damn this dirt," he said, at which the Dog looked on and waited. It tilted its head towards the right and spat the stick on the ground. In its impatience, it barked thrice. More dirt crept in the Man's fingernails. His bruised knuckles frowned at his desperation. … Continue reading The Man, The Dog And The Metaphor.