The Two Needs

“The two needs that haunt our otherwise innocent minds are the need to judge and the need to compare. All other emotions are but perverse reflections of these, nothing else. Even if they are something else, deep down inside there are roots hooked to these two grotesque traits of the devil himself, you hear?” Stalin […]

Four Blinks

Age 8: There was this string! Caught between the fingers of a boy of eight, on a happy afternoon when the house fell still and when the elders found refuge in a post-lunch siesta. Rohan wandered in his imagination, and let the string flow but he knew not where it came from. It wasn’t too […]

Towards The Light

My eyes adjusted to the darkness as I entered the tunnel. I paused to allow my senses to get comfortable with the dampness in the air and continued walking.   That tunnel was a forgotten hole the mountain abandoned by government, time and residents of villages scattered around that region of the Sahiyadris. No parallel […]

A Voice From The Couch

Words flowed less smoothly since the thoughts were rushed, but my need to finish this article was urgent and nigh. It was well past 9 PM and my hunger was gnawing at the edges of my mind. Not yet, I replied to it. I was writing a piece on “Death”. I know, this topic is […]


round 4pm, I reached home and used my set of keys to open the door. Avantika was already in the kitchen, pouring that fragrant, familiar ginger tea for me. “Are you very tired?” she asked. “It was a funeral,” I said. She sensed the edge in my voice, perhaps, because her probes to decipher my mood […]

Short Silly #Poems

The Life-Shaped Porcupine I’ll close my arms Around the spiked pet If a quill is all that’s Exiting your dreams Surround Sound Foodless vessels Blast hunger songs Rural country hears hard While sofa-people Listen to the ODI score On surround sound Troubled Dreams Troubled Dreams Of whizzing over those cliffs And into a pool Or […]