Sweet Nothings

Escape was not an option, for Nothingness had her in its grasp.

Thin sheets, multi-layered and multi-colored had begun to envelope her like a night would to a child. And a child she was, no less, a mere three year old. She struggled to break free, but soft cotton wrapped itself around her.

·         Would you struggle if comfort was being forced on you?

·         Would you repel against your own wants?

But Zo wasn’t an ordinary child. Her want was to rebel, her desire was resistance, be it pearls or tar. The demon wasn’t Nothingness that enveloped her. The demon was her struggle against her own want. The sheets wrapped her tightly and grew stronger by the second. She was rolling along, when there came a sudden halt. She felt herself flung around, round and round as the sheets unwrapped and spun her like a top. A whirlwind in her head mirrored a storm around her being. Within seconds, anxiety was replaced by thrill, thrill was replaced by happiness!

She was free again after that short ride.

“Again” she demanded.

And Nothingness’ complied

Click here for the Video Version


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