A Hero Gets Rescued

The man arrives at home, the woman screams “woohoooo!”. The girl proceeds to tell him all the good things that happened at school and that her friend, Ashita, isn’t talking to her because she broke her pencil point.

The man plays the guitar while the girl dances and the woman sings softly while making tea. No one listens her singing, but the man knows.

The man fills the water bottles for the fridge, the girl helps him, all the while she constantly tells him that he should take an off from the office the next day.

The man helps the girl with her homework, and the girl kisses the back of his hand and thanks him for his patience.

The man feeds the girl her dinner and they watch Peppa Pig together, he tells her bedtime stories of Goldilocks and the bears while the woman quietly listens and falls asleep.

The man kisses the woman and the girl while leaving for the office. He gets a call from the girl that she wasn’t sleeping when he kissed her. And that after school, she’ll come to the office and take him away.

The man is a hero. He’s getting rescued everyday.


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