#Heartbreak – 2 and 1

“I don’t mean to be rude,” Sneha said. “I mean, you’re such a cool person. You can play the violin, you put life into that instrument. You’re passionate, hardworking and have a great future.” She looked at the door at that moment and asked the waiter for another gin and tonic.

“But?” Tom asked her after gently emptying his second glass of whiskey of the evening.

“What but?” She asked.

“But why not me then?” He slurred slightly

“T-man, don’t get me wrong. Trust me, I’m not your type. You’ll be grossly unhappy with a person like me. We don’t have that connect. We don’t have that vibe.”

“And nothing that I’ll do will get that vibe between us?” Tom pleaded.

“Why are you making this difficult for me?” Sneha almost snapped.

“That’s the last thing that I want to do, make this difficult that is. Yet, it is true that every time I hear your name…”

“Whoa, oh my god!” She screamed and pointed to the door. “Karan is here. Listen sweets, I got to go. You understand right? You do, right? You’re the man, T. You’ll find a million good girls. I’ll call you.”

Sneha rushed to the door. Karan drove her to his best friend’s house party. They made love in one of the rooms at the house while loud music blared on outside.

Tom was on his sixth drink of the evening when Sneha came out of the room. 

Karan had begun to snore.


I didn’t understand why Dipika, my girlfriend of four years, had to plan the party in the middle of the week.

I had been extremely busy with new job. Sneha had joined the office recently, only about a week after me. She was new to the city. I was helping her find accommodation and means of decent food. She had shifted from London and I really felt sorry for her. She complained to me everyday about how she was living out of a suitcase. But even in times of these crises, her elegance surprised me. She was always dressed impeccably and her fragrance announced her movements. Even the clothes that she slept in had a certain charm to them. I know this, because she had stayed over once at my place after an exceptionally long day at work. We had a few drinks and things must’ve gotten crazy. She was drunk enough to wear a tiny cotton tee and nothing else when she came to sleep to my bed. I wasn’t drunk enough to not remember her without that tee. Anyways, it was just that one time.

Just that one time.

We were drunk. 

So technically, under the influence, things happens. It cannot be branded as cheating. We swore not to talk about it, however it was getting complicated for me. I was getting drawn towards her. And everything the Dipika did was beginning to annoy me.

Like this party that she had planned.

“Dipika listen…” I said to her on the phone.

“Tom. My man. The T-man! The dynamite…” Dipika began with her usual bantering. “When are you coming…?

“…no listen, I cannot handle this anymore.” I said. “I cannot take this anymore. I think I need some time. And space. It’s like you’ve occupied even the walls of my mind. Can we just not see each other for a little while? Starting from today…

Dipika had begun one of her irritating sobs.

“…and speaking of which, why is this party planned?” I said. “My birthday falls in the next month.”

“Yes…. It does…..” Dipika said. “But… this party is for my birthday…”

Dipika continued sobbing for a while. I disconnected the call and searched for Sneha’s number.


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