Short Silly #Poems

The Life-Shaped Porcupine
I’ll close my arms
Around the spiked pet
If a quill is all that’s
Exiting your dreams

Surround Sound
Foodless vessels
Blast hunger songs
Rural country hears hard
While sofa-people
Listen to the ODI score
On surround sound

Troubled Dreams
Troubled Dreams
Of whizzing over those cliffs
And into a pool
Or of shameful times
When I shat in my school

In packs of ironed suits and
Neat socks over neat shoes
Closing in on the white sheep
Unaware of a bigger wolf
Smiling under the wool

Ponder Over Tea
The little spoon follows
A forgotten merry-go-round
Where I follow my childhood
And my smiles follow suit.

Pages On The Slopes
A blade of grass sighed solitude
A pen rolled, and wept
A wind snatched it away
Those pages on the slopes

Oh! Yum
They cribbed about excess salt
And bulletproof chapattis
I pulled the Tiffin which mom packed
Said, “I’ve got heaven for lunch!”

Life’s Sweetest Dreams
Let the earth rattle
Or let the heavens gag
For life’s sweetest dreams
Are dreamt on a Bean Bag


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