The Three Flowers by Novemberschild (@romspeaks) – E-Book Review

What is a review if not one’s own connect with the object under the light? So in the review’s stead I’ll write about that which found a connect within me, or as the musician in me would say, struck a chord.

Guitarists will know that harmony is created by pairing a major chord with a minor. The Three Flowers hasn’t failed me in that capacity. The book is a collection of micro-poems that give you a glimpse of the writer’s mind: beautiful, curious, contemplative. And brimming with inspiration.

Conclusions like “Gardening On The Ice” (Thunder) or “Markets Spread Meekly” (Night) validate this connect for me. My times to go through these e-pages are those during which I need a pause in the race. What an agent this book is for fulfilling that need. Swift and sweet. I wish more micro poems like these come my way.

Romila, take a bow! Everyone else, click here to download the book, now!

And follow her on Twitter: @romspeaks


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