Four Blinks

Age 8:

There was this string! Caught between the fingers of a boy of eight, on a happy afternoon when the house fell still and when the elders found refuge in a post-lunch siesta. Rohan wandered in his imagination, and let the string flow but he knew not where it came from. It wasn’t too long, perhaps about a foot or more. Yet this wasn’t what was going through his mind. He imagined a plane with this string attached to its tail, he always dreamed about flying. Caught in a little breeze from the window, the string brushed lightly against Rohan’s left eye. He blinked and…


Age 22:

…he opened his eyes and shook away his dreams in his room at midnight. He was a metal head. A man who strayed away. The boy who said a no. Yet her thoughts arrived like sparrows and chirped into him, her nothingness. He tried to shake thoughts away, of a girl he loved so secretly. From the day he saw her smile. It was the dress that she had worn that evening, it was the earring that twinkled. And what remained between his fingers was a little thread that landed on his shoulders, when she rested her arm against him while they crossed the street together. Now sleepy as he found himself, he wanted his dreams, thus he blinked. And …


Age 16:

…when he opened his eyes, the sunlight was shadowed. It often startled him so, while traveling in a bus to his college, the game of shadows and light which the trees played on the on going vehicles. The sudden yellow streak penetrated sleepy sixteen-year old eyes, which had much to dream about than they reckoned. And as it happened Rohan found himself clutching the string tied on his right wrist. For it was just two days ago that his sister had tied that string of protection on his wrist. He had given her (his father had helped him give her) a brand new blue dress, which she loved. Rohan found himself blinking again at the sun, dreaming about his mother and his father. Blink, there it was, the vision again. Blink…


Age 25:

…he opened his eyes in which his smiles were reflected. For that day, a million strings were attached between the two. A firm step into life he took, a happy nod of yes, he shook. And she had smiled. Yet, all that remained in his hand on that evening was a string that tightened his brand new shoes to his feet. He sat up, a dark gray suit shone bright under the light in his room. The people at his wedding party waited for him, a new world along with them and above all, most eagerly, a bride with a smile. It was his night. He blinked and stepped into the limelight.


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